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We are The Nallys! We're Abby and Cam, wedding and portrait photographers in Louisville, Kentucky. Come on in and make yourself at home. We believe that everyone deserves photos that you and your family will cherish for generations.

It's so important to work with someone you trust, who has a style that you absolutely love, who will be your hype team and who genuinely cares about who you are as a person to make sure that reflects in your photos. If you're all about the cozy, intimate moments too, you're in the right place.

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We like tending our backyard chickens, playing cards,  and slow mornings together spent with Jesus. 

No matter the occasion, or for no occasion at all, timeless photos that capture who you and your loved ones are in this moment in time are so incredibly important and so often underrated or overlooked.

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Regardless of the fact you've invested $$ and, for many of you, at least a year of your time planning, your wedding day is also one of the only days you get to have all your dear loved ones in one place together. You will want to relive watching your grandma dance with your nephews, your fiancee working through nerves before seeing you, Uncle Joe breaking out moves on the dance floor.

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We value belly laughs and double chins around here. We'll take squinty eyed, scrunched nose giggles and happy tears over airbrushed perfection any day of the week. Our job is to help you see yourself the way your love sees you. We love photos that reflect this kind of unique, quirky, imperfect but perfect love.

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our philosophy.

-Zach + Meg

"We wanted our wedding pictures to look like who we were as a couple - natural, messy, free-flowing. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect duo to share our special day with and they photographed just that. Abby + Cam had such a natural ability in helping us relax and enjoy each moment and it shows - in every single image. They made it so special - from the first look to the last dance and all the details in between. 

I'll never forget running out in the rain in the middle of winter, picking my wife up and running through the parking lot! Cam held an umbrella, Abby held the camera, and they both ran with us, snapping some incredible shots! It really spoke to how dedicated they were to honoring and capturing our special day. It's a memory we will never forget and will continue to talk about often!"

-Natalie + Steve's Grandmother Mimi

"I spent the afternoon drinking in these beautiful memories of Steve and your nuptials. So worth the wait.. the artistry is incredible.. Some just the perfect moment, light and sweet, fun, and so engagingly moving. Congratulations to you and to Steve for choosing brilliance!"

-Rachel + Matthew

"Abby and Cam captured our wedding day in the most beautiful way! They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and were such a joy to work with!"

- Cooper + Caitlin

"The Nallys are wonderful people. They also happen to be amazingly gifted by God as photographers. Our wedding photos were SO amazing. Abby and Cam are also very down-to-earth people who make you feel comfortable on your special day! 1000% recommend."

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