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Abby grew up in northern IN riding horses, making art, and taking lots of photos. She tried college, then moved to Costa Rica, then moved to Louisville on a whim!

Cameron grew up in Louisville as one of 7 siblings. He has played the drums his whole life, and recently finished school to be an ER Nurse.

Abby met Cam in 2017 when a roommate insisted she attend her church small group, stating "your future husband is in my group." Our first accidental date consisted of sitting in the pouring rain at a football game that neither of us knew or cared a thing about. 

what happened next?

We got engaged in a March 2019 blizzard, and married later that August in an intimate woodsy ceremony with family. 

Cam started tagging along to many shoots and weddings, and we both quickly realized he was the perfect other (more outgoing) half to this biz! Cam makes everything lighthearted and fun with his endless bad dad jokes, and Abby makes sure to always catch your best side, even when you're not paying attention. 

what now?

We like each other, classic books, and having cozy nights in with our fluffy cat.

These days, you can find Abby with her nose in a new book every other day or perusing the local thrift spots for more vintage to add to her basement stash.
When he's not working in the ER, Cam likes to get outside and be active - whether that's a bike ride or building a new perch for the backyard chickens.
Far above all else, our faith in Jesus is the most important thing to both of us! It's what brought us together and what holds us together daily. Our favorite and most treasured thing is the joy of digging in to Scripture together and alongside our dear friends in our Bible Study. 

back it up




- Husband + dad-to-be
- Won't admit how obsessed he is with the cat
- Michael Scott's #1 Fan
- Lover of middle school punk rock and metal jams
- Will befriend your entire family

- Fluff queen
- Hid under the couch for the first 6 months straight of life with the Nallys
- Would rather be people-watching
- Wakes the humans punctually at both 3 and 7 am

- Wife + mama-to-be
- Chicken whisperer
- Tries to one-up her own Goodreads record every year
- Will beat you in Unstable Unicorns
- Would rather be cozy @ home

Abby was homeschooled until 8th grade. 
She still prefers books to most people.

Cam has a single self-inflicted dimple on one cheek from falling on a fork as a child.

Abby + Cam bonded over Celtic music, pomegranates, and their mutual hate for ranch dressing.

We keep 9 chickens in our backyard. Cam has enjoyed making new obstacles, perches, + toys for them to entertain themselves on a weekly basis.   #chickmagnet

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